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Revolutionising Retirement Living in Bull Creek

There’s a revolutionary style of retirement living available to Royal Australian Air Force retirees in Bull Creek.  The Air Force Memorial Estate, located in one of Perth’s choice residential areas is now open for hassle free living to a select few RAAF retirees and their spouses. This magnificent apartment complex has quite a few advantages that make them a superb option for retirement living.

Bull Creek’s Air Force Memorial Estate offers established community living with fellow RAAF retirees just like you.  You can enjoy camaraderie unlike any you’d find in any other retirement community.

Top of the line on-site amenities such as medical and health facilities along with transport services are found at this premier Bull Creek Drive neighbourhood. This exclusive residential complex is also conveniently located to local shopping, entertainment, sport and leisure facilities.


RAAFA Apartments Bull Creek


The RAAFA is one of the largest and most trusted aged care and retirement housing providers in Western Australia. This not-for- profit organization is dedicated to providing the absolute best care facilities for its members and community residents. By taking surplus resources and re-investing them, the Association is able to provide excellent services and facilities to their community residents and association members.

Secure living with peace of mind can be found at Air Force Memorial Estate in Bull Creek. As with all RAAFA living complexes, the complex is monitored and has an emergency call system linked to each home. All building and grounds maintenance are taken care of by the RAAFA. Entrance to the complex is monitored as well. Residents enjoy living in a community where there is mutual respect and concern for each other along with traditional values of shared responsibility.

RAAF retirees who’ve made the move to the find that living there is hassle-free and offer residents over-the-top benefits both financially and life-style wise. Residents enjoy a type of retirement living not found anywhere else in Perth. Come and join in this one-of-a kind retirement living by selecting one of the remaining Mirage Terraces apartments or reserve your unit in the new Orion Terraces scheduled to open in late 2014. Come and see for yourself this revolutionary way to enjoy your retirement years.