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Bobcats Perth for Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping jobs, nothing beats having Bobcats Perth. They are versatile tools that enable you to dig holes, haul materials as well as clear and level the ground. They can be used for small jobs such as side walks and large jobs such as parking lots. In fact, Bobcat designs and manufacturers lots of compact equipment specifically for the landscaping industry and has equipment for various applications including:


Handling Heavy Materials

Bobcat skid steer loaders are useful for lifting, carrying, loading and unloading all sorts of materials.


Accessing Tight Spots

One reason why Bobcats have become so popular in landscaping jobs is that they are small enough to manoeuvre tight spots. However, their small size doesn’t make them any less strong. Bobcats Perth can still haul heavy blocks, trees, shrubs and plants across lawns or through small gates to confined spots.


Soil Preparation

Over the lasts few years, the popularity of Bobcat compact tractors on landscaping sites has grown tremendously. Due to its agriculture background, the compact tractor is especially suited for landscaping tasks that are similar to farm tasks including soil preparation and seeding.


When working on established lawns, landscapers must keep in mind the ground surface sensitivity. Landscaping costs can add up really fast if you have to replace the turf after you are done with the job. A Bobcat compact tractor, when fitted with the right tires, can be used to work on established lawns without fear of ruining the turf.


Digging Holes with Bobcats Perth

If you pair a Bobcat with an auger attachment, you spend a lot less time digging holes for trees and shrubs than you would if you used shovels and wheel barrows. You will also require a lot less manpower. With the auger attachment you can dig straight holes on uneven terrain and still achieve greater dig depth.


Removing Rocks and Stumps

Using a shovel to remove rocks and greenery on the landscaping site is time and energy consuming. The same tasks can be completed in a much shorter time using a Bobcat that with a digger attachment. The attachment which functions in both the forward and reverse directions can also be used to loosen hard-packed soil, transplant trees and shrubs and prune roots.


Removing Debris

Most landscaping jobs involve picking up and removing odd-shaped debris such as pieces of broken concrete, boulders and tree stumps. Bobcats Perth when paired with clamps can manoeuvre into hard-to-reach spaces and grab objects that need to be moved with power and stability. The clamps can also be used to separate and move timber and pipes.


Once you have gotten rid of the large boulder and stamps, you can use a landscape rake to collect surface debris and give the site a good finish. Rakes are also great when you are preparing a lawn for spreading topsoil.


All landscaping professionals should consider hiring the soil conditioner attachment. This attachment can be used for almost all landscaping tasks including levelling the ground, tilling the soil, moving material, grading top soil and cutting swales. With this attachment, landscaping professionals can truly enjoy the benefits of Bobcats Perth.