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Ghost writer in Australia for web content writing and SEO

All websites need content and writing for your website can get time consuming and difficult as there are a number of factors that need to be considered. A Ghost Writer can take care of your web content for you.

A Ghostwriter has a few titles, so to make things easy, lets list them and we’ll use one:

  • Ghost writer / Ghostwriter
  • Content writer
  • Copy writer
  • Freelance writer
  • Blog writer
  • Content provider
  • On line web writer

When content is written properly for a website it factors in:

  • The user / Content Reader
  • Website Owner
  • Search Engines
  • Interlinking of internal pages
  • Interlinking to external pages
  • Inbound links

    • The User / Content Reader

      The most important factor as all web pages should be written for the reader, and understanding who or what they are is important as all users red/see/perceive content in a different manner. Content has to be human and read properly, some website owners write content for what they think people will search in search engines, but forget the most important person – the client/prospect who will be reading the page.

      Website Owner

      The owner in most cases will be happy and say something along these lines: “as long as people can read it and search engines find it”. So they leave it to the web consultant or content writer, but some feedback is required to ensure that company image and reputation is upheld, lets not forget that only one person knows the business best – the website owner.

      Search Engines

      Having website content properly written for humans is one thing, and then make it good for Search Engines is another. Search engines read content as it’s written but the smart ones like Google know and can recognise content that is not human reading and won’t give it as much importance or authority as a web page that is written for humans. So there is a fine line here, people when searching on the web abbreviate in their searches or put words out of grammar, for instance “plumber perth” as normally we’d use “Plumbers in Perth” so what do you optimise for? And what happens if you change the order of the words or use a plural rather than singular – all of these things need to be factored into the content that is written for your website. A good ghost writer will have an understanding of not only the content but also what search engines like and what is acceptable.

      Interlinking of internal pages

      Linking of your pages together on your own website connects the user with more content for them to read, this will also bring up your Pages Per Visit score in Google Analytics. This also tells search engines where the related content is. Good content writer will also identify how the page can be linked into your site.

      Interlinking to external pages

      For people with multiple websites, linking correctly via content will benefit more than one website. So content can be written and linked out to multiple websites, or have multiple websites that you control linking back to one page. An overall SEO strategy is applied here, as quality and integrity has to be maintained, otherwise search engines may interpret this linking as inappropriate behaviour and disqualify your website or web page. A good ghostwriter will have an understanding of how linking external websites may help the main page that is being written.

      Inbound links

      Everything is perfect and the best articles exist – how do external sites link back to this new page written by your content writer? This isn’t easy but good content people will link to, average content they won’t. Understanding where your new content should be posted is also part of a good “ghost writer”.

      As you can see content writing isn’t just about the content, that is just part of the what is required from a professional. There are many sources for cheap content, but is it doing your website justice?

      For professional Australian Content Writing Services, Good Good Web Design and SEO Marketing can offer a boutique content writing service. They have a small team of Australian ghost writers who can assist with content for most industries.

      Or you can read further on why you should have Australian Content Writing Services on the website too.

      Article by Good Good - Web Design and SEO in Perth